Cam (2018) – REVIEW – Fantasia 2018

What’s this?! An American film in my Fantasia Int’l Film Festival 2018 reviews suite?! Well, I can hardly believe it myself. But it’s true. Cam is an American film and I’m about to review it riiiiiiiiiiggggggghhhhhhtttt-NOW!   Alice is a “cam girl”. She performs under the name Lola and one of her greatest desires is … More Cam (2018) – REVIEW – Fantasia 2018

Crisis Jung (2018) – REVIEW – Fantasia 2018

Next up in my (unintentional) review series of French films showing at Fantasia Int’l Film Festival 2018 is “Crisis Jung”. Why is it in quotation marks instead of italics, you ask? Because it’s episodic. Perhaps it’s a show, though I have no idea what kind of programming block it would fit into. I guess I’d … More Crisis Jung (2018) – REVIEW – Fantasia 2018