REVIEW – Lake Nowhere (2015)

If you’ve heard of Lake Nowhere, then you might be a bit surprised to see it here at NoRealDanger. “What are you doing reviewing a short film, idiot?!” you may be screaming at your screen. To that I say, “Whoa. Calm down. Take some deep breaths. Maybe have a cup of chamomile.” It’s true that … More REVIEW – Lake Nowhere (2015)

REVIEW – The Green Inferno (2015)

Remember hearing about Eli Roth’s cannibal throwback/homage, The Green Inferno, way back in 2012-2013? I do. I also remember periodically thinking, “Whatever happened to The Green Inferno?” over the next few years. I’d read a snippet about production or distribution delays every once in awhile, but then I pretty much forgot about it. Then a … More REVIEW – The Green Inferno (2015)