UNDERAPPRECIATED – Red White & Blue (2010)

  Today’s entry is the criminally underappreciated (hence, the category) Red White & Blue [sic]. This is another one that I found on a some list of little known genre films that deserve some attention. And another one that I would hesitate to call straight-up horror. (but who cares, right?) It’s certainly a bleak (SO BLEAK), … More UNDERAPPRECIATED – Red White & Blue (2010)

I Spit on Your Grave (1978) – VIDEO NASTIES REVIEW

  I Spit on Your Grave is a brutal film. It’s no surprise that it was flagged as obscene in the UK and denied license for distribution. (please note that I say ‘it’s no surprise’ rather than ‘censorship is good’) This is one of the few “video nasties” that has endured in the public consciousness (relatively) … More I Spit on Your Grave (1978) – VIDEO NASTIES REVIEW