GIVEAWAY – Condemned (2015) DVD

Condemned is out today on DVD, Blu-ray, and VOD. (i posted my largely positive review of it last week, remember?) I am giving my press copy of the DVD to a randomly selected individual for following @norealjason  and RT’ing the giveaway notice on Twitter  winner. So, FOLLOW (if you don’t already) and RT the giveaway tweet (even if you already follow) for your chance to be the proud owner of a Condemned DVD! I’m going to throw in a fun little Condemned extra for the winner! That’s icing on the cake! (is this shameless self promotion? yes. yes it is. but i’m not above it)


From my review:

The Final Cut: Condemned is a fun ride. The filth and copious bodily fluids are sure to keep you squirming and the outlandish gore gags will keep you laughing and distracted enough to ignore some of the film’s shortcomings.


BTW – the DVD is full-featured and comes with a glossy slipcover. (one of the features – a audio track of a 42 St. grindhouse-style audience – is especially fun)

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