REVIEW – Hidden (2009)

Hidden (aka Skjult) is part of the “After Dark Horrorfest” (i’m going to call this ADHF, if you don’t mind) line of films – long defunct but resurrected this year as “8 Films to Die For” (previously, the tagline for ADHF). Hidden was in the lineup in the fourth year of this noble effort. Why … More REVIEW – Hidden (2009)

REVIEW – Thale (2012)

    Thale is another movie that Netflix thought I would LOVE. Despite getting burned over-and-over, I still fall for that star system time and again. And Thale had an estimated rating of 4.4/5. How could I resist? The synopsis sounded interesting enough. You’ve got your crime/trauma scene cleaning crew, your Norwegian mythology, your “beautiful … More REVIEW – Thale (2012)