Rupture (2017) – REVIEW

    The name Noomi Rapace holds a certain gravitas even for me, someone who’s only seen two of her films. For whatever reason, I think of her as an accomplished, top-tier actor. And, she may well be. But the strange thing is this: why do I think that? Sure, she was good in Prometheus, … More Rupture (2017) – REVIEW

VIDEO NASTIES – The Witch Who Came from the Sea (1976)

   Next up in my wildly popular Video Nasties series is The Witch Who Came from the Sea. Technically, it’s not one of the core video nasties that were prosecuted as brain poison (or whatever), but it was one of the over 70 films brought before a committee committed (hmm, is that why they call … More VIDEO NASTIES – The Witch Who Came from the Sea (1976)

UNDERAPPRECIATED – Red White & Blue (2010)

  Today’s entry is the criminally underappreciated (hence, the category) Red White & Blue [sic]. This is another one that I found on a some list of little known genre films that deserve some attention. And another one that I would hesitate to call straight-up horror. (but who cares, right?) It’s certainly a bleak (SO BLEAK), … More UNDERAPPRECIATED – Red White & Blue (2010)