We Are Still Here (2015) – REVIEW

Ted Geoghegan is a nice enough guy to send me screeners every once in a while for films that he’s doing PR for. We Are Still Here is a film that I’ve had on my “to watch” list for a while now. How are those two sentences related? It turns out, Geoghegan directed We Are Still Here! (what … More We Are Still Here (2015) – REVIEW

REVIEW – Saint Ange (2004)

AKA: House of Voices I love Martyrs. It’s such an intense, visceral just-believable-enough story (i am literally afraid of fanatics). It’s perfectly paced; well-acted; deeply disturbing; and utterly shocking even to this jaded old cynic. Not satisfied with director, Pascal Laugier’s, 99 minutes of genius (ok, maybe I’m delving into hyperbole here), I sought more from … More REVIEW – Saint Ange (2004)

P=ωρ L’Energie Sombre (2015) – REVIEW

I was in Montreal this past weekend. A weekend when, if I were in Chicago, I could have attended The Massacre, a 24-hour horror film marathon. Either Montreal was not having a 24-hour horror marathon, or I am inept at searching for such things among French language websites. I did find P=ωρ L’Energie Sombre (pronounced, P=omega•rho … More P=ωρ L’Energie Sombre (2015) – REVIEW