The Crescent (2017) – REVIEW

Next up in my suite of reviews for the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival is the Canadian film, The Crescent. Let’s get into it shall we. (yes, i am aware that my intros for festival reviews are pretty weak. if it upsets you to miss out on my rambling about things like ‘i thought The Crescent … More The Crescent (2017) – REVIEW

P=ωρ L’Energie Sombre (2015) – REVIEW

I was in Montreal this past weekend. A weekend when, if I were in Chicago, I could have attended The Massacre, a 24-hour horror film marathon. Either Montreal was not having a 24-hour horror marathon, or I am inept at searching for such things among French language websites. I did find P=ωρ L’Energie Sombre (pronounced, P=omega•rho … More P=ωρ L’Energie Sombre (2015) – REVIEW