Personal Shopper (2017) – REVIEW

If you look up Personal Shopper on Rotten Tomatoes, you’ll see some interest-piquing words thrown around. Words like, riveting, haunting, otherworldly, scary, terror, ghost story, transfixing, and on and on. It currently has a critics rating of 79% on the site. Which is “fresh” despite 79% being a less-than-impressive grade on a math test. It … More Personal Shopper (2017) – REVIEW

Raw (2016) – REVIEW

I caught Julia Ducournau’s Raw at the Chicago International Film Festival (I say “siff”, but apparently that’s not the preferred nomenclature) in October. I’d heard some great things about the film from reliable folks who saw previous (non-Chicago) festival screenings. The trailer was good too. So, I was pretty excited to see it. I know … More Raw (2016) – REVIEW

UNDERAPPRECIATED – Red White & Blue (2010)

  Today’s entry is the criminally underappreciated (hence, the category) Red White & Blue [sic]. This is another one that I found on a some list of little known genre films that deserve some attention. And another one that I would hesitate to call straight-up horror. (but who cares, right?) It’s certainly a bleak (SO BLEAK), … More UNDERAPPRECIATED – Red White & Blue (2010)