Satan’s Slaves (2017) – REVIEW – Fantasia 2018

I’m finally moving on from French films in my Fantasia Int’l Film Festival 2018 reviews! (you’re welcome, francophobics!) My first non-French film review is for the Indonesian film, Satan’s Slaves (Pengabdi Setan). It has something for everyone! Ghosts, creepy wells, cultists, auto accidents, and more! Let’s get into it, shall we?   Rini is the … More Satan’s Slaves (2017) – REVIEW – Fantasia 2018

The Possession Experiment (2016) – REVIEW

Possession movies are not necessarily my thing. Sure, there are some good ones – The Exorcist, The Last Exorcism, etc. – but they just don’t terrify me. Maybe it’s because I was raised by an agnostic mother who prays to her brothers (living) when something goes wrong, and a father who rejected his Catholic upbringing … More The Possession Experiment (2016) – REVIEW