Cold Hell (2017) – REVIEW

Cold Hell (2018)   If you’re anything like me, you have probably heard some positive buzz about  the Austrian (German?) cat-and-mouse film, Cold Hell. It made some waves on the festival circuit before being added as an exclusive to Shudder’s streaming features lineup. So, if you want to stream this one (legally of course) you … More Cold Hell (2017) – REVIEW

The Greasy Strangler – REVIEW – Fantastic Fest 2016

The Greasy Strangler has garnered a lot of buzz on the festival circuit. A lot of that buzz boils down to, “whoa, Frodo produced a disgusting grindhouse gross-out!” That’s good, of course. But, considering that it seems to be dividing genre festival-goers – people who typically have iron stomachs and an affinity for weirdness – … More The Greasy Strangler – REVIEW – Fantastic Fest 2016