Split (2016) – REVIEW

Shyamalan has given us some great films and some turds. So with each new film, we roll the dice (or we give up and ignore his output altogether). When Split hit theaters, I figured I’d check it out eventually but I was in no big rush to see it. Sure, I liked his last film, … More Split (2016) – REVIEW

Killing Words (Palabras Encadenadas) – (2003) – REVIEW

Do I know anything about Spanish psychological thrillers? Am I up on these things? Do I even know that ‘psychological thriller’ is usually a euphemism for highbrow horror? Let’s give me the benefit of the doubt here and assume that I can answer yes to ⅓ of those questions. (it’s the euphemism one) So, how … More Killing Words (Palabras Encadenadas) – (2003) – REVIEW