Creepy (2016) – REVIEW

Kiyoshi Kurosawa (how much pressure on a filmmaker is THAT name?!) is a horror heavy-hitter with cult favorites Pulse and The Cure. (maybe they’re just regular favs in Japan. but here, i call them cult) I even liked his strange, meandering Bright Future. So, when I saw that Kurosawa would be returning to the horror … More Creepy (2016) – REVIEW

REVIEW – The World of Kanako (2015)

  I’ve seen a lot of weird Japanese films. It seems that that Japan has their own genre of films that variously feature spraying blood, brutal beatings, intense bullying, rape, incest, gore, misogyny, copious amounts of smoking, pedophilia, characters who laugh at inappropriate times, and schoolgirl panties. Rarely, do the films feature even half of … More REVIEW – The World of Kanako (2015)