Crisis Jung (2018) – REVIEW – Fantasia 2018

Next up in my (unintentional) review series of French films showing at Fantasia Int’l Film Festival 2018 is “Crisis Jung”. Why is it in quotation marks instead of italics, you ask? Because it’s episodic. Perhaps it’s a show, though I have no idea what kind of programming block it would fit into. I guess I’d … More Crisis Jung (2018) – REVIEW – Fantasia 2018

The Night Eats the World (2018) – REVIEW – Fantasia 2018

First up in my Fantasia Int’l Film Festival 2018 review series is The Night Eats the World (aka: La Nuit a Devore le Monde). It’s a French language zombie film  set in France. Paris or a near-Paris suburb maybe.  At least I think it is. It’s mostly set in a single apartment building. Let’s get … More The Night Eats the World (2018) – REVIEW – Fantasia 2018

Raw (2016) – REVIEW

I caught Julia Ducournau’s Raw at the Chicago International Film Festival (I say “siff”, but apparently that’s not the preferred nomenclature) in October. I’d heard some great things about the film from reliable folks who saw previous (non-Chicago) festival screenings. The trailer was good too. So, I was pretty excited to see it. I know … More Raw (2016) – REVIEW

REVIEW – Saint Ange (2004)

AKA: House of Voices I love Martyrs. It’s such an intense, visceral just-believable-enough story (i am literally afraid of fanatics). It’s perfectly paced; well-acted; deeply disturbing; and utterly shocking even to this jaded old cynic. Not satisfied with director, Pascal Laugier’s, 99 minutes of genius (ok, maybe I’m delving into hyperbole here), I sought more from … More REVIEW – Saint Ange (2004)

P=ωρ L’Energie Sombre (2015) – REVIEW

I was in Montreal this past weekend. A weekend when, if I were in Chicago, I could have attended The Massacre, a 24-hour horror film marathon. Either Montreal was not having a 24-hour horror marathon, or I am inept at searching for such things among French language websites. I did find P=ωρ L’Energie Sombre (pronounced, P=omega•rho … More P=ωρ L’Energie Sombre (2015) – REVIEW